Common Household Uses of a Ferret Inspection Camera Why the Ferret Tool is an Essential

Why the Ferret Tool is a Household Essential

The Ferret Tool is an inspection camera that can see and reach places you can’t. Thanks to its intuitive design and compact size, the Ferret is easily carried and maneuvered, allowing you to expedite your household tasks. While it’s an excellent tool for substantial jobs like cable pulling and general inspections, it can also assist you with DIY projects. The Ferret sends a live video stream straight to your smart device, meaning you can look at your phone to see what your Ferret sees. And, with a 50ft range, your reach stretches further than ever. Continue reading to learn more about how these simple yet effective features make the Ferret inspection camera great for a variety of household uses.

Quick Guide to Ferret Inspection Camera Home Use

Use a Ferret Tool to Check: Use a Ferret Tool to Grab:
● Top of cabinets ● Dropped items in tight spaces
● Behind furniture ● Dropped jewelry
● Gutters without a ladder ● Dropped keys
● Siding ● Items in vents
● Beneath your car ● Items in large drains
● Lofts/attics ● Items under furniture
● Crawl spaces ● Items from a garbage disposal
● Rafters ● Tools under tool chests
● Inside walls ● Hidden wires
● Chimney flues & baffles ● Charging cables behind beds
● Roof vents ● Magnetic items
● Dryer vents

Use a Ferret to Check Your Vents

It has happened to us all, especially if you have kids; something fell through the vents and can’t easily be retrieved. Typically, you might pull the vent cover off and fish your arm down into it to secure the item that slipped through; however, with all the sharp sheet metal, you could risk injuring yourself. Worse yet, you might not even be able to grab the item. By utilizing the extended reach and built-in LEDs on your Ferret Tool in conjunction with the included hook or magnet attachments, you can safely send in the Ferret to find and secure the lost item. While you’re at it, you can get a good look at your vents and see if they’re due for a cleaning.

Water Stains on Your Ceiling? No Problem for a Ferret Tool

Let’s say you noticed a wet spot on the first-floor ceiling of your two-story home. Typically, this would require you to cut out a large square in the drywall to assess and find the source of the damages. Water can travel the length of joists and beams, making it difficult to pinpoint the origin of the water intrusion from appearances on the drywall alone. This process can be time-consuming, thanks to the process of cutting the hole and filling it back in afterward, but this process can be mitigated by a Ferret Tool. Since the Ferret Tool is small and easy to maneuver, you can get away with cutting a significantly smaller hole while still being able to get a great look at the situation. This will save you time and materials when it comes to patchwork, and it might also save you a call to your local general contractor if it’s a fix you can handle.

How a Ferret Inspection Camera Helps in the Laundry Room

Perhaps you’ve noticed a leak from your washing machine or a strange noise rattling inside your dryer; a Ferret camera can get to work quickly. Instead of wasting money on a new washer or paying someone else to inspect it, employ a Ferret to see what you otherwise can’t without completely disassembling your laundry machines. Even if you just need to check behind them for something like a drain or dryer vent (or even that lost sock), a Ferret camera at your side saves you from having to move these bulky machines around. This convenient inspection camera can effortlessly illuminate the dark and tight areas common among laundry rooms, allowing you to complete a full inspection without the heavy lifting.

The Ferret Inspection Camera: A Home Tool Must-Have

As you can tell, the Ferret Tool is a versatile tool that can help you with a multitude of household chores, tasks, and DIY inspections. With all of their innovative features packed into such a compact package, it’s no wonder why the lineup of Ferret inspection cameras has earned a multitude of global awards. With recognition and commendations from the NECA, EC&M, Electrical Industry Awards, and more, Ferret inspection cameras prove their places as exceptionally powerful tools. The versatility of a Ferret will save you valuable time, money, and stress by providing innovative aid to age-old problems, so add the Ferret inspection camera to your arsenal today!



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