Ferret Plus Inspection Camera vs. Milwaukee Inspection Cameras for Electricians

The Best Inspection Cameras for Electricians
The demands of the job as an electrician put your work in many kinds of places, whether it be with outdoor junctions or wiring nested in an attic. With how much the workplace can vary, so do the tools designed to access and accommodate them. One such tool every electrician can benefit from is an inspection camera, which can help diagnose issues and plan solutions in hard-to-reach or inaccessible areas. When it comes time to decide on the inspection camera for your toolkit, inspection cameras from Ferret Tools and Milwaukee are some to consider. Now, let’s dig into how to choose which inspection camera is best for you.

Ferret Plus vs. Milwaukee Inspection Cameras
An electrician must have a dependable inspection camera to spot and resolve any problems in a building’s wiring or electrical systems. The Ferret Plus and Milwaukee inspection cameras are two popular choices on the market. Both Ferret Tools and Milwaukee offer a range of cameras offering differing features to suit different needs. While most of the Milwaukee electrician inspection cameras feature a long probe end similar to a drain snake, the Ferret Tools cameras condense the camera into a compact unit nimble enough to get behind walls and stout enough to hook and pull cables through. Of the cameras available in the Ferret Tools range, the Ferret Plus is best suited for electricians; let’s delve into the features that make it the perfect fit for your job.

Wi-Fi Capable Electrician Inspection Camera
The Ferret Plus inspection camera boasts a high-quality variable focus lens that captures clear images in 720p HD, even in low-light conditions. Its flexible cable can bend, reach, and maneuver difficult angles, simplifying inspections in hard-to-reach areas. The Ferret Plus camera also comes with a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing you to stream live footage to your smartphone or tablet.

To transform your smart device into an extension of your Ferret Plus, simply install the free Ferret app, and you’re ready for quick, safe, and easy inspections. Not to mention, this feature is handy as it enables you to share footage with colleagues or clients, making communication much more efficient. You can easily save photos and videos to your device during the inspection for later reference or for documentation.

On the other hand, Milwaukee inspection cameras also offer high-quality features. They have a durable cable that can withstand harsh conditions, and the camera includes a bright LED light to illuminate dark areas. However, unlike the Ferret Plus camera which connects to the phone you’ll be carrying regardless, the Milwaukee cameras require an additional screen and cannot easily save photos/videos. This may be a significant drawback for electricians who need to share footage with others.

Non-Contact Voltage Detector, Affordability, & Design

A standout feature of the Ferret Plus inspection camera is its first-ever built-in non-contact voltage detector. This innovative feature benefits your safety and quickly detects live cables during your inspection. Simply maneuver the Ferret Plus camera close to the line being tested, and the accompanying Ferret app will deliver both an audio and visual alert if it detects the presence of a live cable. In comparison, this utility is nowhere to be found on Milwaukee inspection cameras.

Another advantage of the Ferret Plus camera is its affordability. It is relatively inexpensive compared to the other high-quality inspection cameras on the market, making it an excellent choice for electricians who want a reliable camera without spending a fortune.

Other notable advantages of the Ferret Plus are its user-friendly interface as well as its lightweight and compact design. Milwaukee inspection cameras can feature unnecessarily complex interfaces providing unneeded challenges when navigating, and are large and cumbersome, adding significant weight to your toolkit. A Ferret Plus can fit in your pocket.

Ferret Plus Inspection Camera—The Best Inspection Camera for Electricians
The Ferret Plus inspection camera is the superior choice for electricians due to its high-quality, innovative features, affordability, and compact nature. While the Milwaukee inspection cameras offer great features, they lack the built-in non-contact voltage detector, Wi-Fi capability, and adjustable focus features of the Ferret Plus. The Milwaukee inspection cameras for electricians may be good choices for some specific applications, but the Ferret Plus adapts to a wide variety of demands and is ready to revolutionize your electrical inspections and cabling installations.

It’s not hard to see why the Ferret Plus inspection camera is the smartest choice, especially when noting the various awards earned in such a short span of time. Some of these include 2019’s and 2021’s EC&M Product of the Year and 2021’s NECA ShowStopper Winner. These industry awards were earned for solving issues common to electricians, so you owe it to yourself to see what a Ferret inspection camera can do for you.

Investing in a reliable inspection camera is crucial for any electrician. Add the Ferret Plus to your toolkit for a game-changing inspection camera equipped with intuitive features that promote more accessible, safer, and quicker inspections today!


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