I’m getting a “Camera Not Found” message or I can’t see the Ferret-WiFi-XXXX SSID on my phone.

The issue is generally caused by Android and iOS updates. In most cases, a firmware update will fix this issue.

You’ll need an older iPhone or iPad or an Android phone which can connect to your Ferret camera and fully operate the camera.

Here is the update process:


1. With your older iPhone or Android phone, install the latest Ferret camera app from the app store.

2. With your older iPhone or Android phone, connect your phone to your Ferret camera.

3. Before running the update, plug your phone and your Ferret camera into charging sources.

4. Then press the Firmware Update button.

5. Follow the update steps until the firmware update has been completed. 

After the firmware update, switch off the Ferret camera.

Try the your iPhone again and see if the Ferret SSID is visible and you can connect to it. 


1. With an Android device which can currently connect to your Ferret camera, firstly update your Ferret App to the latest version.

2. Put your phone or tablet into Flight (Airplane) mode. 

3. Turn on WiFi on your phone or tablet, while staying in Airplane mode.

4. Connect your Ferret camera to a charger with the USB cable. (Keep your Ferret on charge during the update process)   

5. Open the updated Ferret App.

6. Switch on your Ferret camera (leaving it plugged into the charger), select the Ferret SSID and connect to your phone or tablet.

7. On the updated Ferret App tap the Settings button.

8. Tap the Firmware Update button on the bottom left of the screen. 

9. Follow the update steps until the firmware update has been completed. 

10. Switch off the Ferret camera.

11. With the phone which was previously not connecting to the Ferret - update the Ferret App on this device also.

12. Open the updated Ferret App and switch on your camera as you would normally do, select the Ferret SSID.

Your Ferret camera should now be working with your phone.

The SSID doesn't appear in the WiFi selection

With another iPhone or Android device which can see the Ferret SSID, in the Ferret App go to the Settings screen and run the firmware update.

Please contact the Ferret Tools support team at support@ferrettools.com for the full update process if you need assistance.

How do I save my Ferret Plus photos and videos to my computer?

  1. Connect your phone to your computer with a data capable USB cable. Note the USB A to USB C cable supplied with the Ferret WiFi,  Lite, Pro, Sweeps and Pest models is for charging only and is not data capable.
  2. Open the finder / explorer app on your computer(as shown in the example below).
  3. Find the Ferret folders on your phone.
  4. Move, copy or delete the files as required.

The Ferret Plus model has 2 possible memory storage locations – the smartphone (as with the other models) and the on board memory. To move, copy or delete Ferret files from saved to the smartphone, follow the instructions above. If you have set your Ferret Plus to record to “on board memory” or “BOTH” in the camera app Settings, to move, copy or delete Ferret files from the Ferret Plus:

  1. Connect your Ferret Plus camera to your computer using the USB A to USB C cable supplied with your kit.
  2. Switch on your Ferret Plus camera.
  3. A finder or explorer window will open for your Ferret camera and 2 folders will be available – PHOTO and VIDEO
  4. Click into each folder to see a list of files saved to the Ferret Plus on board memory(as shown below).
  5. Move, copy or delete the files as required.

Why am I being asked to login when I want to use my Ferret camera?

To use your Ferret camera and view the live video feed you don't need to log in or register.

If you're being asked for a username and password, you could be using the "My Ferret Tools" App that is for product registration to extend your warranty and to save images and video to the cloud.

Please search for "Ferret WiFi" or "Ferret Tools" in your App Store for the camera viewing App.

I am getting a “Camera Not Found” message when trying to connect to my Ferret camera

Try removing the Ferret camera app from your phone and reinstalling it from the App store.

If that doesn't work, please try a different phone to confirm you see the same issue to work out if it's a phone or camera issue then contact support@ferrettools.com

Why does my Firmware Update not progress, it stays on 0% progress?

Please try placing your phone into Airplane or Flight mode, turn your phone’s WiFi back on (while staying in Airplane mode), restart your Ferret App and Ferret camera, and try the firmware update again. Sometimes it can take 3 or 4 attempts before the update runs successfully.

I can’t connect to WiFi or the WiFi won’t stay connected on my Android?

Some Androids don’t understand why you want to connect to a WiFi network without Internet. If a warning alert is displayed, check the box to not ask/show again and click OK/Yes.

Can the Ferret camera app work on my laptop or desktop computer?

The Ferret camera app isn’t designed to work on laptops or desktop computers. The app is designed to work on iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets, which are more commonly used on job sites or in the field.

I can’t see the images even though my phone is connected to the Ferret camera.

If you have a VPN running on your phone, try switching off your VPN and then try connecting to the Ferret camera again. It that doesn’t work contact our support team by filling in the form below.

I get a “No Internet Connection” or “Internet not available” message after connecting to the Ferret WiFi SSID signal on my phone.

That’s all OK. Ferret cameras don’t connect you to the internet or use the internet. Your Ferret creates a WiFi network between the Ferret camera and your phone.

Do I connect with Bluetooth or does the camera connect to my home WiFi network?

Ferret cameras connect with WiFi not Bluetooth. Your Ferret doesn’t use your home WiFi or your mobile phone’s data connection.

Just switch on your camera and connect to the WiFi network called “Ferret-WiFi-XXXX” or “Ferret-Plus-XXXX”.

What does the rear LED on the camera indicate?

The rear LED on your camera indicates as follows: RED = charging, OFF = fully charged, WHITE = camera ON

Where can I find manuals or guides on my camera?

Under the Support menu, go to our Resources page. Then choose your Ferret camera to see a list of resources which you can read or download.