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Ferret Camera Features for Home Inspections

Trying to access damp, cramped, poorly lit, or dangerous and hard to reach spaces can be frustrating and time consuming for any home inspector. A camera for home inspections is an excellent tool to both document your findings as well as reach into cramped spaces you might not be able to fit into. Therefore, a purpose-built camera fit for the rigors of home inspections is a natural extension of your toolkit. If you’re looking to find the best camera for home inspectors to make your job easier and safer, here are a few of the must-have features an inspection camera should have.

User Friendly

Check to ensure a camera is user friendly. Can it link to your smart device? Is it compatible with Apple or Android devices? Can it be used in a variety of applications?

The Ferret inspection cameras are all compatible with Apple (requires iOS V8.0 or later) or Android devices (requires Android V6.0 or later). All you need to do is download the easy-to-use Ferret App which is free on iOS and Android to connect your camera to your smart device.

Wireless Range

It will be important to select a camera that provides you with good wireless range for extended reach. Check to see if the camera is compatible with a variety of rods. Can it be attached to a glow rod or fish stick to give you better reach? (so it’s not attached like a traditional borescope which gives limited reach).

The entire range of Ferret cameras provide a high-resolution wireless range of up to 50’ which will enable you to get extended reach in places you normally could not see or reach and, given the extended reach of a Ferret camera paired with a Ferret Stick, or rod you’ll be able to see in more difficult-to-access spaces than ever before without nearly as much squeezing or crawling through tight spaces.

Save Photos & Video to your Smart Device to support easy Reporting

An essential part of home inspection is reporting of faults, quotes, inspections, and proof of work after you’ve completed your inspection. When people are making life-altering decisions like the purchase of their new home, they’ll likely want more than just your word. So, the ideal camera for home inspectors can capture pictures and videos of the areas you’re inspecting to supplement a thorough and comprehensive inspection report.

The entire line of Ferret inspection cameras allows you to easily save high-definition photos and videos to your smart device. (720p HD streaming). With the Ferret Cloud app, you can upload all of those photos and videos to convenient cloud storage for easy integration into your reports. If another person prepares your reports, they can easily access the cloud images while you’re still on the job.

Sleek Form Factor

You’ve got enough to worry about with a home inspection without having to lug around a hefty tool bag. A handy set of tools will help you get your job done more efficiently, maximizing your time while also making the most out of what you can offer your clients. As such, you should choose a camera for home inspectors with a sleek form factor.

Each of the Ferret inspection cameras is compact and lightweight (3 1/3 “long and 1 1/4” wide) weighing just over an ounce and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, each also coming with a convenient padded EVA case that secures and organizes all of the attachments for your Ferret camera.

Durability Tested

You’re well accustomed to the demands of the job, and your tools should be too. Whether you’re dealing with dusty vents or leaky plumbing, your inspection camera should be built to persevere through your workday with ease.

The Ferret camera is a durable inspection camera that you can rely on to help you complete the job even in harsh conditions. Each is IP67 rated, allowing for use in damp and dusty conditions. We’re so confident in the Ferret camera that it’s backed by a standard 2-year warranty that can be extended to a 3-year warranty for Gold and Platinum Ferret Cloud users.

Fast Charging

Your time is everything, and it’s one resource you can’t make more of. As busy as you are, you don’t have the time to wait around for your tools to charge up, and they need to be able to last your whole workday for as long as you’ll need them.

The line of Ferret inspection cameras can be charged quickly to keep up with your busy schedule. The Ferret Pro and Ferret Plus can charge up to 95% in just an hour and the Ferret can do the same in just an hour and a half, ensuring you’ll always be ready to send in the Ferret.

Adjustable Bright Light LED

There are plenty of areas in a home that need to be covered during your inspection that won’t have a light fixture anywhere nearby and holding a flashlight in addition to a camera is less than ideal. The Ferret cameras’ built-in LED light with adjustable brightness allows you to see in dark spaces without the need for an additional tool in your hand.

Non-Contact Voltage Detector

Each home brings on its own array of unique situations, and surely, you’ve found yourself in a position questioning whether a wire is live or not. A standalone non-contact voltage detector will work great, but it’s one more thing to carry around. What’s more, it’ll only work for those wires you can reach at arm’s length. That’s why the Ferret Plus inspection camera which has the world’s first built-in non-contact voltage detector can sense wires from about 50 volts to 1000 volts AC is not handheld so is not limited by the reach of your arm. Keep yourself safe and detect live cables from further away by maneuvering the Ferret Plus next to a cable being tested and the Ferret App will provide both an audio and visual alert to help keep you safe.

The Inspection Camera Line with It All: Ferret Tools

If you’re in the market for a home inspection camera with all the features listed above, look no further than the selection of innovative inspection cameras brought to you by Ferret Tools. Our proprietary design yields impressive features that result in you getting the job done easier, faster, and safer. Browse our selection of inspection cameras for sale on our web store or see where you can find them with our partners in brick-and-mortar stores. With a Ferret camera of your own, you’ll quickly learn how much time and frustration you can save when you send in the Ferret. Using the right inspection camera technology on the job makes a real difference.


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