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What is the Ferret best for?
Ferret Tools inspection cameras are exceptionally capable tools that help you see and reach into spaces you wouldn’t otherwise be able to. Their greatest strengths being versatility and capability supporting problem solving on the job. Ferret cameras are small and lightweight, adaptable by design, and offer many features to accomplish a wide variety of jobs. So, when the time comes that you need to inspect or reach items at a distance or in tight spaces, a Ferret inspection camera is eager to help you take on the task. The Ferret can be attached to a Ferret Stick, glow rod or fish stick that can easily slide into any cramped, poorly lit dark space, wall cavities, ceiling, or under floors. The Ferret. can go anywhere which is hard to reach or where visibility is poor.

What do I need to get set up with a Ferret camera?
Getting set up with a Ferret camera is easy! All you need is a Ferret camera and a smart device that can run the Ferret app. Simply download the Ferret Tools app and follow the instructions to pair your Ferret camera with your device. The Ferret camera produces a Wi-Fi signal for your phone to connect to, meaning you can connect your device regardless of cell service or local network. See your camera’s manual for device requirements and setup instructions.

What makes the Ferret camera unique?
The product of incredible engineering, the Ferret camera stands out from other inspection cameras for two main reasons: its maneuverability and Wi-Fi connectivity.

While borescopes are an excellent tool for inspecting inside pipes and narrow places, that’s about where their functionality ends. They have a very flexible probe that will bend under its own weight, making borescopes incredibly difficult to maneuver. To combat this issue, the Ferret camera is designed to be compact, light, and fully self-contained. It can be attached to the Ferret Stick (or a glow rod or fish stick) to reach places without bending, offering superior control over where you’re directing the camera. And, with the array of attachments that come with the Ferret, you can hook and grab items out of reach instead of just being able to see them, making the Ferret great for pulling wires or retrieving lost tools and other items.

Additionally, the Ferret camera connects to your phone via Wi-Fi to provide a real-time video feed of what the camera sees. This helps keep the Ferret camera small and nimble while making the most of the resources you already have.

Which Ferret camera is best for electricians?
The demands of the job as an electrician require your tools to have the features and convenience to help you get the job done effectively, efficiently, and safely. With its built-in non-contact voltage detector and on-board memory feature that allows you to record out of WiFi range and an array of attachments (including a hook for pulling wires, the Ferret Plus is the optimal choice for electricians. If the non-contact voltage detector isn’t a feature you prioritize, the Ferret Pro maintains most of the other core features including app controlled variable focus to view detail, super-fast charge and always up viewing mode the Ferret Plus offers with some savings.

Which Ferret camera is best for home inspectors?
Because of its onboard memory feature that allows you to document your findings outside of Wi-Fi range and fast charging, the Ferret Plus is a great choice for home inspectors. However, if onboard storage isn’t too important to you, the Ferret Pro maintains the fast-charging feature to help keep you powered up as you travel between jobs.

Who is the Ferret Lite designed for?
The Ferret Lite is a general-purpose high-quality wireless inspection camera. It includes award-winning handy features with the addition of the always-up viewing mode to help with intuitive inspections. It’s great starting point that gives exceptional functionality at a very reasonable price, and it’s backed by the same 2-year warranty that covers our other cameras.

The Ferret Lite is perfect for:

  • DIYers
  • Homeowners

Who is the Ferret Pro designed for?
The Ferret Pro offers the same functionality as the Ferret Lite with some added features to boost effectiveness and efficiency. It is a professional, durable tool packed with award-winning features. You will notice it has a unique design which has been cleverly engineered to support performance. The Ferret Plus offers fast charging, a variable focus lens, and the ability to change camera resolution as well as change Wi-Fi channels.

For these reasons, the Ferret Pro is great for:

  • Electricians
  • Mechanics
  • General contractors
  • Other trades

Who is the Ferret Plus designed for?
The Ferret Plus builds from the Ferret Pro and makes the addition of two key features: onboard memory (for recording outside of Wi-Fi range) and the first ever built-in non-contact voltage detector that is not handheld to help detect 50V-1000V cables from a greater reach than ever before. The Ferret Plus brings you the ultimate innovation in inspection technology.

  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Builders
  • HVAC
  • Lighting installers

Who is the Ferret Sweeps designed for?
The Ferret Sweeps is designed specifically for use in chimney and flue inspections. The included repeater in the Ferret Sweeps bundle helps it keep connected, even when dealing with masonry that can block Wi-Fi signal. As such, the Ferret Sweeps is perfect for:

  • Chimney repair specialists
  • Masonry contractors

What can be attached to the Ferret camera?
Each Ferret camera comes with an array of attachments that can be swapped in to suit the demands of the job. If you’re pulling wires or reaching for keys, the rod and hook attachments are your best bet. The magnet attachment is excellent for picking up dropped tools or other magnetic items and is plenty strong to pick up even a lineman’s pliers. You can securely attach any Ferret camera to your own push-pull rods with the included thread adaptors to suit a variety of rods or use a Ferret Stick for use as a convenient collapsible extension.

Is the Ferret camera durable/waterproof?
Each of the inspection cameras that make up the Ferret Tools family is IP67 rated, meaning they are dustproof and waterproof! So, whether you’re working around leaky pipes or maneuvering around a dusty, damp crawlspace, your Ferret camera will continue to perform at its best.

What is the Ferret warranty?
Each Ferret camera comes with a standard 2-year replacement warranty. Extended warranties are available as part of Ferret Cloud Gold and Platinum subscriptions, extending the warranty all the way up to 3 years. So, when it comes time to send in the Ferret, you can rest assured it will perform time and time again.


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