Ferret How To: Use a Camera Probe to Speed Up Your Job

See in Small Spaces with a Camera Probe
When you’re poking around in tight areas with low visibility, odds are you won’t be able to get a great look without employing a tool designed for the task at hand. Instead of trying to squeeze yourself into a space you surely won’t fit or reach into the unknown, make use of a Ferret inspection camera to make quick work of the task. A camera probe is an essential tool if you find yourself looking in tight spaces that are otherwise inaccessible, and a high-quality tool ensures you have all the features you need to get the job done. If you’re looking for a camera probe or are curious how a camera probe can help you, look no further than a Ferret inspection camera. Let’s explore what a Ferret camera can do for you.

Using the Ferret Inspection Camera as a Camera Probe
A Ferret inspection camera is a marvelous tool that will increase your efficiency, allowing you to get the job done in far less time. With ease and enhanced maneuverability, this handy camera inspection probe will enable you to reach, see, and evaluate cramped areas, tight corners, and hard-to-reach areas. It measures just 32mm (1¼ inches) at its widest and weighs in at just 33 grams, making it easy to fit into wall cavities and operate in even the tightest of corners. And yet, despite its compact form factor, each Ferret inspection camera is packed with unique features and functionality to choose from. From the included hook and magnet attachments to the built-in non-contact voltage detector and built-in (on board) memory in the Ferret Plus, it’s no wonder why it was selected as the 2021 NECA Showstopper winner as well as the EC&M Product of the Year category winner. Trusted by everyone from trade professionals to avid DIYers, you owe it to yourself to see what a Ferret inspection camera can help you do.

Inspect Cramped Areas with a Ferret Tool
The efficiency provided by a Ferret camera can help you complete inspections quickly and safely by allowing you the luxury of an extended and highly visible view of a cramped space you usually would attempt to enter yourself. For example, you may need to inspect a crawl space or even hard-to-reach areas of your attic or basement. With a Ferret attached to a glow rod, rigid stick, or our own Ferret Stick, you can safely and accurately view trouble areas from a safe distance, thwarting possible accidents or injury. If you often work in spaces behind brick-and-mortar, consider using the Ferret Sweeps. Use the Ferret Sweeps kit to probe your fireplace and effortlessly check for cracks, missing mortar joints, or squatting critters in your chimney. This sweeper-centric kit equips you with an included Ferret Stick and Ferret Wristband, a handy utility that allows you to secure your smartphone to your wrist, freeing up your hand that would typically hold your phone.

A Vital Tool For Any DIYer
One of the most significant benefits of owning a Ferret Tool is being able to take advantage of its versatility by design. A Ferret inspection camera is not only great for large undertakings such as fishing wire, inspecting crawlspaces, or even chimney sweeps, but it can also assist with various at-home chores, making it a vital tool for any DIYer. Perhaps you’ve lost an item to the cracks of your porch; by utilizing the Ferret inspection camera as a camera probe, you can quickly determine its exact location without having to crawl under the porch with a flashlight. You may even have a hunch that some rodents have set up camp; send in the Ferret to confirm without placing yourself in unnecessary danger. The Ferret inspection camera can aid with other tasks such as car inspections, checking out vents, reaching behind desks, and assessing damage to the roofing, gutters, or high-up windows. Wherever you need to see and reach, send in the Ferret.

Elevate Your Glow Rods Functionality with a Ferret Camera
If you’re familiar with running wires or other electrical work, you may already use glow sticks to fish wire through finished walls; a Ferret Tool can transform this task into a much simpler ordeal. By easily attaching your Ferret to a glow rod or rigid stick, you’ll increase visibility thanks to the crisp HD view, streamed right to your smartphone, allowing you to move quickly, maneuver, and fish wires into the proper position. Don’t forget that the Ferret Plus comes equipped with a built-in non-contact voltage detector, allowing you to detect hidden live wires with ease. Using a camera probe like the Ferret inspection camera for cable installation is both safer and easier, making it a must-have for cabling installations.

Versatility At Its Finest—A Ferret Inspection Camera Gets the Job Done
A Ferret inspection camera is perfect for use as a camera probe and much, much more. It brings your work into the new age with increased visibility, intuitive design, enhanced safety, and brilliant versatility. The small stature of a Ferret Tool makes it easily carriable, and with up to 90 minutes of operating time and a speedy recharge time, you’ll never be without your Ferret. So, complete your work in a fraction of the time by adding a Ferret Tool inspection camera to your toolkit today! You won’t want to be without it!


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