Ferret Tools How To: Choose an Inspection Camera

Inspect Quickly & Efficiently with An Inspection Camera
Whether you’re inspecting an area before beginning work or trying to find the root cause of an issue, an inspection camera is an integral component of your toolkit. Not only are inspection cameras useful for documenting your findings, but they can help you see and reach in places you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. But, with the wide array of inspection cameras available to choose from and each with their own best use case, how should you choose the one that fits your needs? Let’s dig into how you can benefit from an inspection camera, and which would best aid your tasks.

Versatility in Your Pocket—A Ferret Inspection Camera
First, let’s take a look at one of the options available to you: a Ferret inspection camera. A Ferret inspection camera is a multi-purpose wireless inspection camera that can make tasks such as visual inspections and repairs more accessible, safer, convenient, and far less time-consuming. After earning NECA’s Show Stopper title for 2021 and EC&M®’s Product of the Year for both 2019 and 2021, as well as being recognized as the best and most innovative in in the industry by the 2021 Cabling Installation and Maintenance Innovators Award program where Ferret won the top honour – Platinum level honouree status for their 3 new models – Ferret Lite, Ferret Pro and Ferret Plus.Ferret Tool has proven its value.
With a Ferret inspection camera, you’ll find yourself completing various tasks in half the time, thanks to its intuitive design, long battery life, and wireless Wi-Fi connectivity with a range of up to 50 feet. A Ferret even features an IP67 rating resulting in superior performance in wet, dusty, and dirty environments.

Ferret Inspection Cameras Vs. The Others
Why might you choose a Ferret inspection camera over some of the other cameras that can be used for inspections? With how wildly different the variety of cameras available are, it comes down to the Ferret camera’s versatility and applicability to a wide range of needs. Whereas borescopes, for example, can be a great tool for the very specific task of looking inside tiny openings, that is about all they excel at. Borescopes’ limited focal length and typically low resolution limits their usefulness. Likewise, a DSLR camera might be able to take very high-resolution photos, but they tend to be bulky and fragile, making them a subpar fit for the jobsite (especially considering their steep price). A Ferret inspection camera has the perfect mix of features to be both compact and adaptable. Each Ferret camera connects to your smartphone, offering a live video stream of what the Ferret sees in 720p HD. They are also incredibly compact, measuring at most just 32mm wide (and as little as 24mm wide), so you’ll have no problem fitting them into cramped, hard-to-reach spaces.

Ferret Packages—What’s the Difference?
When looking at a Ferret Tools inspection camera, you’ll have a choice between four different models: Ferret Lite, Ferret Pro, Ferret Plus, and Ferret Sweeps. Each Ferret inspection camera comes with various accessories alongside a padded EVA case to keep your Ferret kit safe and secure when not in use.
Ferret inspection camera packages explained:

  • FERRET LITE—This kit is perfect for use as a general-purpose high-quality inspection camera, making it a cost-effective solution for inspections at home or on the job. Despite its approachable price point, it’s packed with plenty of features and functionality. It’s also the most narrow Ferret inspection camera at just 24mm wide.
  • FERRET PRO—The Ferret Pro builds upon the Ferret Lite with included app-controlled variable focus lens and incredibly speedy charge time of just one hour to reach a 95% charge. This kit is an ideal tool for anyone doing inspections and other trades.
  • FERRET PLUS—The Ferret Plus further expands upon the features of the Ferret Pro with onboard memory (allowing the Ferret Plus to record out of range) and an integrated non-contact voltage detector for the ultimate in convenience and safety.
  • FERRET SWEEPS—This kit is designed for chimney sweeping and inspection to detect defects or flaws and check for gaps or blockage. This kit features a repeater to ensure you can connect to the Ferret Sweeps even if there is masonry that might block the signal.

Choosing The Right Ferret Inspection Camera for You
If you’re an electrician who spends quite a bit of time handling wires, you’d most likely want to opt for the Ferret Plus. It features a non-contact voltage detector that keeps you safer by alerting you if a wire is live before you touch it. If you’re not often working with around wires and will always be within the 50’ range, the Ferret Pro might be more your speed. If you’re a chimney sweeper or inspector, the last thing you’d want is to lose signal while analyzing a flue or chimney; that’s why you’d prefer a Ferret Sweeps inspection camera by your side. The Ferret Sweeps inspection camera kit includes the Ferret Repeater, which boosts your Ferret’s signal helping you avoid pesky drop-outs on the job. Lastly, you may not need all the bells and whistles provided by the Ferret Pro or Plus; perhaps all you require is a simple, cost-effective inspection camera for various tasks at home like vehicle and crawl space inspections—a Ferret Lite provides the perfect solution.

Find Your Perfect Inspection Camera Today
Given the extensive features of each Ferret inspection camera, just about any inspection job can be made easier and safer with a Ferret at your side. And, depending on the demands of your job, there’s a unique Ferret inspection camera to best suit your needs. View our product pages to see the expansive features of each Ferret inspection camera and see which is perfect for your tasks. If you’re ready to experience the best in inspection cameras and understand why our cameras’ features are award-winning, find your Ferret today!


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