How a Ferret Inspection Camera is the Best Replacement for an Inspection Robot

What is an Inspection Robot?

An inspection robot is a mobile camera typically fastened to four wheels, a set of tracks, or some other means of mobility and can be controlled remotely. In some cases, the robot can even move autonomously. If you’re an inspector, whether it’s crawlspaces, attics, garages, or sewers, you’re likely familiar with inspection robots. They are an innovative remote solution with plenty of impressive tech. However, they are also afflicted by some substantial disadvantages that may prove a Ferret inspection camera to be a better inspection tool for you.

What is a Ferret Inspection Camera?
A Ferret inspection camera is an innovative pole/rod-mounted device that wirelessly connects to your smartphone to show a live feed of what it sees in real-time. Each Ferret camera offers an array of attachments that allow it to tackle a wide variety of jobs, from cable pulling to crawl space inspections. The Ferret range of inspection tools has earned an array of global awards and distinctions as well, including EC&M Product of the Year 2021, Cabling Innovators Award 2021 and NECA Showstopper 2021, Trade Tool of the Year in the UK this year , proving the aptitude of these cameras for your inspection needs.

What’s the Difference Between a Ferret Camera & an Inspection Robot?
The most significant difference in usability between a Ferret inspection camera and an inspection robot would be how they are moved around during inspections. Ferret inspection cameras are handheld (usually used with an extension rod) while inspection robots use wheels or tracks to drive around. Inspection robots then naturally have a steeper learning curve when getting acclimated with them, all while a Ferret inspection camera is more precise in its mobility from the start. If your task requires you to be far removed from the camera (beyond 50ft), an inspection robot may be a good option for you, but for virtually any other application where an inspection robot can be used, a Ferret inspection camera can make quick work of the job.

Let’s uncover more about how a Ferret inspection camera may be the best replacement for an inspection robot in your toolkit.

The Disadvantages of an Inspection Robot
One of the most significant disadvantages of inspection robots is how bulky they can be. Usually, inspection robots are cumbersome to carry around, meaning they can take up valuable volume within your arsenal of equipment. This also limits their versatility and makes them a tool you’ll often leave for a last resort once their novelty wears off. Between the chassis, wheels/tracks, motors, and the camera, inspection robots can only be so compact. That means inspection robots generally cannot inspect tighter areas, at least not to the degree that a Ferret inspection camera can (coming in at as little as 1” wide). You then won’t find inspection robots advantageous when cabling behind walls, inspecting the undercarriage of a low vehicle, or checking vents. When the task calls for a minimally invasive tool, inspection robots don’t quite fit the application.

Lastly, inspection robots have limited mobility both transversally and vertically that stems from their design as self-propelled devices. Small inspection robots may struggle to traverse any rugged terrain (like a sandy crawlspace, for example). Large inspection robots might be more mobile in a variety of applications, but they are simply too large to fit in those tight, hard-to-reach areas where inspections tend to be required. Then, no matter the size, virtually no inspection robot can climb, so if you need to see up inside a wall or something at a significant height, an inspection robot will leave you out of luck.

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution, and while there very well may be instances that call for the unique specialization of an inspection robot, there are plenty of overlapping situations where a Ferret inspection camera can match or surpass the performance of an inspection robot. Better yet, a Ferret inspection camera does so at a much more approachable price point. As such, a Ferret inspection camera is a great inspection robot alternative. Let’s dig into even more reasons you’ll enjoy using a Ferret Inspection camera in place of an inspection robot.

The Advantages of a Ferret Inspection Camera
A Ferret Tool provides an efficient solution with increased versatility for various inspections. A Ferret inspection camera is compact and will take up significantly less room than an inspection robot, increasing your on-the-job mobility. Since a Ferret connects wirelessly to your smartphone, which you’ll already have on you, you won’t need to lug around any additional equipment. You can attach a Ferret to virtually any threaded stick (such as the Ferret Stick), and you’ll be able to position a Ferret inspection camera exactly where you’d like it. Being a cost-effective solution that offers some of the same capabilities of an inspection robot and even more, you owe it to yourself to give a Ferret inspection camera a try. Here are a few more advantages a Ferret offers for your reference:

● No moving parts & 2-year warranty—great reliability
● WiFi connectivity—free from corded controls and offers up to 50’ range
● Adjustable LED lights—great visibility
● Included hook attachment—suitable for cable pulling
● 720p HD camera—clear picture quality
● Digital zoom—see even the small things
● Available non-contact voltage detector—find live wires with ease
● Fast charging & up to 90 minutes operating time—quickly pivot between jobs

A Ferret Inspection Camera—A Versatile Addition to Your Tool Kit
When it comes down to it, a Ferret inspection camera is a highly versatile option for those who take on all kinds of inspection jobs. Whether you’re viewing the darkest corners of a crawlspace or reaching deep into the HVAC vents of a home, a Ferret inspection camera is up to the challenge. See our unique lineup of Ferret inspection cameras and see which has the features that best align with the demands of your job. Perhaps the exceptional value of the Ferret Lite is all you need to get the job done quickly and effectively, or perhaps the enhanced functionality of the Ferret Plus can expand the breadth of your capabilities. No matter which you choose, you’re in for a valuable addition to your toolkit. All these features and more will benefit your inspections, all while enhancing your speed and efficiency and keeping you safely out of cramped spaces. So, waste no more time; add a Ferret inspection camera to your arsenal today!


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