How Ferret Cameras Offer More than Snake Cameras (Borescopes)

You may be familiar with snake cameras (also called borescopes) and how their compact nature allows them to get into tight spaces users could only dream of before their invention. If you need to look inside pipes or in spaces with minimal access, borescopes are the natural solution. And while they may be great for this specific purpose, they aren’t perfect. Let’s dig into the key areas where snake cameras fall short and how an inspection camera from Ferret Tools is the clear answer to the call.

Wireless Inspection Camera
Snake cameras are wired by design, featuring a long probe connected to a viewing apparatus. While that makes them great for seeing into easily reachable but confined spaces, it also holds them back when access to the area you’re trying to inspect is more restricted. Some snake cameras may employ a wireless screen, but the wired probe still limits their functionality.

Ferret inspection cameras wirelessly connect to your smart device with a Wi-Fi connection and have a 50’ range. Instead of being limited by a 3’ or 9’ probe, the Ferret opens up your capabilities with its incredible range. It easily attaches to your glow rods or a Ferret Stick, allowing you the ability to see in hard-to-reach places. This feature alone makes a Ferret camera more versatile than a snake camera, but there’s plenty more to see, too.

Maneuverable Inspection Camera
Snake cameras do great for use inside pipes when the pipe itself can provide the probe end support. That flexible probe bends easily, easily taking the shape of the pipe. However, if you try to use a borescope outside of a pipe, you’ll likely find that flexibility makes it difficult to use. Snake cameras will bend under their own weight when held at length, making putting them exactly where you want them quite difficult.

Ferret inspection cameras have the benefit of being able to be rigidly affixed to a glow rod or Ferret stick, allowing you precise control over the placement of the camera to see exactly what you want to see. Ferret inspection cameras also come with a short flexible rod, making them highly adaptable while still being easy to use.

Bulk-Free Inspection Tool
Snake cameras might be able to fit into extremely tight spaces, but all of their parts make them surprisingly bulky when you consider the whole tool. The wired probe can only be bent so much, and that, coupled with the viewing screen, is sure to take up plenty of precious space in your toolbag.

A Ferret inspection camera is exceptionally compact, fitting all of its features into a sleek form factor small enough to fit into a shirt pocket when not in use. At just 3 ¾” long x 1” wide for the Ferret Lite and 3 ⅕” long and 1 ¼” wide for the Ferret Pro and Ferret Plus, a Ferret inspection camera sheds all of the bulk of a snake camera while still packing in more innovative features. Each Ferret camera also comes with a padded EVA case that holds all of the included attachments and is still compact enough to slip into the pocket of your toolbag.

Adjustable Focal Distance
Focal distance is the range in which a camera is able to keep the picture in focus. Since borescopes are intended for use in extremely tight areas, their focal distance is set up to focus on things up close. Snake cameras are then likely to struggle to properly focus on objects further away.

The Ferret Pro and Ferret Plus inspection cameras use a variable focus lens, allowing them to focus on items as close as 2.5 inches and any distance further. You can control the variable focus via the Ferret Tools app, putting exception camera control and functionality right at your fingertips.

Easy Photo & Video Storage
If you consider a standalone snake camera unity, you may find its functionality to be limited when it comes to saving pictures for later. USB borescopes can start to fulfill this need, but you may be limited by the USB borescope app when it comes to saving images to your device.

Since a Ferret inspection camera wirelessly connects to your smartphone, it’s easy to save 720p HD photos and videos directly to your device through the intuitive Ferret Tools app. Sharing is easy, too, with Ferret Cloud storage. Whether you want to upload the photos for your personal records or you’d like to share them with your team, the Ferret Cloud makes keeping track of all your inspection photos and videos simple and quick.

Easy Updates
When you purchase a borescope or snake camera, the onboard software is typically as good as it’s going to get. It won’t get any better in the future, and it might not work with newer devices if it’s running on old software.

Ferret inspection cameras are equipped with highly functional hardware that is maximized with the Ferret app upon every software update. The Ferret Tools app easily integrates your Ferret inspection camera with your smart device and is updated to ensure functionality with the latest new technology. For a futureproof inspection camera, choose a Ferret inspection camera.

Ferret Inspection Camera Versus Snake Cameras
The bottom line is that a Ferret inspection camera is a surefire investment in your productivity and abilities. Snake cameras are great for a finite number of applications, but the breadth of capabilities utilized with a Ferret inspection camera simply outweighs the functionality of a snake camera. Browse the variety of Ferret inspection cameras available on our webstore and see which has the features to fit your needs. Between the Ferret Lite, Ferret Pro, Ferret Plus, and Ferret Sweeps, there’s sure to be a wireless inspection in our lineup that’s perfect for your needs. Learn more from our blog or browse our products today!


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