How To Inspect Plumbing Vents

Signs Your Plumbing Vents Need Inspecting

If you notice slow or gurgling drains, foul odors, bubbling or backing up of water, “ghost flushing,” or water stains on walls or ceilings, you’ve most likely checked the sink or affected area but frustratingly can’t determine where the problem lies. However, perhaps the issue isn’t down the drain but up it instead.

The vent system, represented by those plumbing pipes exiting through your roof, could in fact be the culprit. Over time, these pipes can become clogged by environmental factors like leaves, debris, and even bird nests and insect infestations. Many of these issues can be prevented in the first place with a vent cap, but even with vent caps installed, plumbing vents can become clogged and cause issues with how your drains function.

How Plumbing Vents Function & Importance of Routine Inspections

A plumbing vent or vent pipe plays a crucial role in regulating air pressure throughout your plumbing system. In addition, it allows gas and odors common to plumbing systems to escape high up into the air, preventing them from getting trapped in your home. More importantly, the system also helps water flow freely down the drain and out of the house.

You can think of how this system works by considering this analogy; were you to puncture a sealed water bottle at the bottom, the water would drain slowly due to the air entering and water leaving from the same hole. If you were to open the cap, the water would drain much faster since the air and water can enter and exit separately. It’s the same idea with the drains in your home, just on a much larger scale. As water goes down the drain, air is allowed to move via the vent instead of through the drain, preventing bubbling and gurgling at the drain.

There is a plethora of reasons to inspect your plumbing vents regularly, and these include the following:

Prevent Blockages

The vents allow air to flow into the pipes, which helps prevent the build-up of pressure and the formation of blockages. Regularly inspecting and cleaning plumbing vents can help ensure the system continues functioning correctly and prevent devastating blockages. Whether birds have chosen an unfortunate spot to make their nest, or wasps have holed up in your vent pipes, regular inspections help to warn you of their presence.

Prevent Compounding Plumbing Issues

Plumbing vents help avert plumbing issues such as clogged drains, slow – draining water, and sewer gas leaks from backing up into the house. If the plumbing vents are not functioning correctly, these issues can occur, leading to costly repairs and potential health hazards.

Extend Plumbing Systems’ Lifespan

Regular inspection and maintenance of your vent system can help prolong the life of your plumbing system by preventing blockages and other issues from occurring in the first place.

Use a Ferret Tools Wireless Inspection Camera to Help Inspect Your Plumbing Vents

When inspecting your plumbing vents on your roof, it can be difficult to get a good look inside them with the naked eye. Introducing the Ferret inspection camera , a lightweight, versatile, and innovative inspection camera that streams at 720p HD, what it sees directly to your smartphone via the free Ferret Tools app. Armed with its exceptional capability as a multipurpose wireless inspection camera, you’ll be able to view deep inside rooftop plumbing vents.

A Ferret inspection camera, such as the Ferret Pro , makes for the perfect plumbing vent inspection tool. You can easily maneuver the Ferret Pro inspection camera down vent pipes by attaching it to a Ferret Stick or any threaded rod or rigid stick. Then, view the live video stream through the free Ferret T ools app on your smartphone to see what the Ferret sees. You can also save photos and videos to your device from within the app, which is great for keeping records and showing others. Each Ferret inspection camera features adjustable bright white LEDs for enhanced visibility as well as a digital zoom, wireless range of up to 50′ (15m) , and always – up viewing function. Not only that, but they are each IP67 rated, meaning that they’re dustproof and waterproof.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional trades person looking to upgrade your toolkit , or a homeowner concerned about your plumbing, adding a Ferret Tools multipurpose inspection camera is a great way to tackle plumbing vent inspections. What’s more, each Ferret tools inspection camera is great for many other applications, including cabling installations, home inspections, mechanical inspections, and more. With all the jobs that the Ferret Tools inspection cameras can help with, it’s no wonder the Ferret Tools line-up has earned 11 industry awards and counting.

The Multi Award Winning Ferret Tools Wireless Inspection Camera

To get an up – close look at things you otherwise wouldn’t be able to see, an inspection camera extends your field of view and allows you to properly inspect tight spaces like plumbing vents. With the breadth of capability , a Ferret inspection camera can provide , make time to check it out. The Ferret sees and reaches where you can’t, allowing you to complete comprehensive inspections with ease. See our available range of multipurpose inspection cameras and browse the features that best fit your needs. From plumbing vent inspections to general visual checks, a Ferret Tools Wireless Inspection camera is the tool you need.

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