The Easiest Way to Use a Glow Rod

Save Time & Do More with Your Glow Rods, Push & Pull Rods, and Electrical Fish Sticks

Glow rods and fish sticks (not the seafood) are typically used to push or pull wires during installation in attics, through walls, crawl spaces, and above ceilings. They make for an incredibly useful tool, but what if they were made even better? A Ferret inspection camera is a must-have if you often employ glow rods for inspections, fishing wires, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned electrician or a self-starting DIYer, a Ferret inspection camera can help you do far more with your electrical fish sticks. Better yet, a Ferret inspection camera helps save time on the job. A Ferret tool can be fastened using the choice of thread adaptors to virtually any glow rod, fish rod, or rigid wire pulling stick to offer a live video feed directly on your smartphone from up to 50 feet away. That means you’ll no longer have to guess where your glow rod is or how to put it where you want it; a Ferret inspection camera is ready to show you the way.

How a Ferret Camera Increases Visibility & Maneuverability of a Glow Rod

Glow rods are simply fish sticks that are designed to glow in the dark to aid their use in dark spaces. Electrical wires tend to be run through dark areas, so this feature can be useful in seeing where the rod is while you’re maneuvering it. While that’s helpful, they aren’t particularly bright and won’t illuminate where you’re directing the rod all that well, especially if it’s a significant distance away. Maneuvering a glow rod is hard enough, and it’s only made more difficult when you’ve got to hold a flashlight to see where it’s going. Free up a hand and work more efficiently with a Ferret inspection camera, thanks to its adjustable bright white LEDs to light up the darkness and increase your visibility. And, since you can attach your Ferret to a glow rod with the included thread adapters, no extra equipment is necessary. This means a Ferret inspection camera can reach virtually anywhere your glow rod can reach (32mm wide and above for the Ferret Pro, Plus, & Sweeps; 24mm and above for the Ferret Lite), giving you a real-time view of the situation to which you can quickly adapt your approach.

Save Time with a Ferret Camera & Glow Rods

The most difficult part of using glow rods and fish sticks is getting them to go exactly where you want them, since the spaces you’ll be working in often have limited visibility. With your Ferret camera attached to your glow rod, enjoy the ease and comfort of seeing what you wouldn’t normally be able to reach. That’s made even more effective thanks to digital zoom and a variable focus lens on the Ferret Pro and Ferret Plus.

A significant drawback of glow rods is that once they lose their luminescence, you’ll need to bring them into natural light to charge them back up. That interrupts your work and costs you valuable time, forcing you to leave your workspace to get them recharged. A Ferret inspection tool is compact, capable, and, best of all, can recharge without you stopping what you’re doing or leaving your workspace. A Ferret inspection camera can fast-charge to 95 percent in as little as an hour with up to 90 minutes of operating time, making it a tool you can depend on to go the distance for your job.

What’s more, the Ferret Plus is also able to change resolution on the fly and features onboard memory that saves and stores vital photos and videos for easy reporting once the job or inspection is done. What does this all mean? Simply put, a Ferret inspection camera takes the existing functionality of a glow rod and adds exceptional versatility to help you take on even the most demanding jobs.

Increase Your Safety While Using a Glow Rod & Ferret Camera

While glow rods are typically used simply to reach into narrow, confined spaces, a Ferret inspection camera added to the mix can provide enhanced protection while on the job. Wiring cables can be dangerous if the proper steps aren’t taken, and a Ferret Plus aids your confidence. Not only can it help you to see hidden hazards, but its built-in non-contact voltage detector also senses if a wire is live well before you handle it. Current obviously won’t flow through the fiberglass of the glow rod or fish stick, but it very well can travel through conductive materials the wire might brush past, including yourself once you’ve successfully pulled the wire. Knowing the wire is verifiably not live offers added peace of mind and security for confidence in your work. So, if you need a safe and cost-effective solution to your cabling and general repair jobs that will maximize your time, add any of the award winning Ferret inspection cameras to your arsenal today!


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