Choosing an Inspection Camera for Law Enforcement: The Ferret Inspection Camera

For those who protect the peace and enforce the law, having the right tools to do so helps mitigate any additional tension from the already difficult job. If you find yourself performing vehicle inspections or inspecting hard-to-reach areas of crime scenes, an inspection camera is a natural extension of your toolkit. However, when looking for an inspection camera that will fit the demands of police work, you’ll likely be met with an overwhelming abundance of options. There is one innovative standout amongst them: a Ferret inspection camera.

A Ferret inspection camera is a compact camera that streams a live feed of what it sees directly to your smartphone. It’s small enough to fit in your shirt pocket and versatile enough to reach into a wide variety of tight spaces you otherwise wouldn’t be able to see. It’s equipped with LED lights and is IP67-rated waterproof, meaning it can perform in even dark and damp locations, and its threaded chassis allows it to be attached to a variety of threaded rods (like a Ferret Stick). You can save photos and videos directly to your smartphone during your inspection, allowing them to be used for later analysis or as evidence. Let’s explore more of how a Ferret inspection camera is great for police inspections.

Use a Ferret Camera to Inspect Vehicles for Contraband
When it comes to executing vehicle inspections, you owe it to yourself to ensure you have equipment that will help you better achieve the task in less time. The various compartments of a vehicle, both those designed to be accessible and those that were never intended to be regularly accessed, can be likely hiding spaces for smuggled items. While spaces like glove boxes and center consoles can be easy enough to inspect, the same can’t necessarily be said for areas like behind trim panels or inside vehicle vents. While disassembling these components is usually the method by which to inspect them, it is exorbitantly time-consuming, and time isn’t always a luxury afforded by the nature of the job. Enter the Ferret Tool.

The Ferret camera can be used to search areas in a vehicle that are normally difficult to access. From the deep crevices like behind the dashboard, to above the headliner, the Ferret camera can locate contraband quickly and efficiently. The strenuous task of inspecting a vehicle is made simpler by the Ferret inspection camera, and that’s just the beginning of how the Ferret inspection camera can help law enforcement.

Use a Ferret Inspection Camera to Inspect Crime Scenes
Uncovering the mystery of what happened in a case is sometimes only possible through the evidence that can be found at the crime scene. Being that crime scenes can be just about anywhere, it helps to have an inspection tool that can be used just about anywhere as well. If you’re looking for evidence that’s likely to have been stashed inside cramped areas or out of reach, a Ferret inspection camera can be employed to make quick work of covering a large area. A Ferret camera can look inside walls, beneath equipment, and in spaces you wouldn’t otherwise be able to see. A Ferret camera can see and reach what you can’t, making it a great camera for law enforcement officials to use on the job.

Borescopes vs. The Ferret Inspection Tool—Which is Better for Law Enforcement?
Borescopes are widely used among law enforcement, military, and other security personnel, however there are a few significant drawbacks to using borescopes. For starters, they are limited in reach. Secondly, police inspection operations must always be executed smoothly and efficiently; having a reliable tool that can function quickly is essential. Borescopes can be difficult to maneuver, costing users precious time.

These problems are solved with the Ferret Tool. Thanks to a Ferret’s wireless, lightweight, compact, easy-to-carry size, law enforcement officials need not worry about the weight and bulk of carrying a borescope. Since the Ferret wirelessly streams directly to a compatible smart device, no additional equipment is needed. And, with up to 90 minutes of operating time, you’ll have plenty of time to complete your inspections. When it does come time to recharge your Ferret inspection camera, the available 1-hour fast charge to 95% allows you to pivot between inspections quickly.

The Many Applications of a Ferret Tool in Law Enforcement
With a wide variety of applications for a Ferret inspection camera, a Ferret camera is incredibly versatile. Be it routine inspections or high-stakes searches, you need an inspection camera you can depend on. Ferret Tools won a total of 11 global awards. A Ferret inspection camera is the clear choice. These innovative cameras are robust, versatile, and effective solution to varying situations experienced by law enforcement. Expedite your inspections with a Ferret inspection camera today.


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