Ferret How To: Quickly Check Brake Pads & Brake Rotors

The Importance of Inspecting Your Brake Pads

We’ve all heard that terrible squealing sound coming from a vehicle with worn-out brake pads, and that’s (often) by design. Most brake pads are now manufactured with integrated “wear indicators,” which are metal tabs that alert drivers of worn brake pads. They are designed to contact the brake rotor once the pads have worn to a level that requires replacement, then creating that screeching sound that signifies it’s time for a new set.

Worn-out brake pads are dangerous and a serious concern; they can prevent your vehicle from stopping correctly. Failing brake pads can lead to possible collisions that endanger the well-being of yourself and other motorists, not to mention the potential damage to your vehicle. However, your brakes can squeal for more reasons than low brake pads. For example, if dirt or debris gets caught between the rotors and the brake pads, you might experience some squealing even though your brakes might have plenty of life left in them. That means some brake noises don’t necessarily mean it’s time to replace parts, but it does mean it’s time to inspect them. If you notice a squealing noise, the brake pedal vibrates, your vehicle is taking longer than usual to stop, or your dashboard brake light flips on, it might be time to inspect your brake pads. Luckily there’s a tool that can easily help you get the job done, the Ferret inspection camera.

What is the Ferret Inspection Camera?

The Ferret inspection camera is a lightweight, versatile, and innovative inspection camera that can see and reach where you can’t. This intuitive piece of equipment live streams everything it sees straight to your smartphone via Wi-Fi connection and features a wireless range of up to 50’. It’s even equipped with digital zoom for enhanced up-close viewing. Attach the Ferret to the included gooseneck rod or virtually any threaded rod to effortlessly guide the Ferret to the inspection area. It is applicable to many inspection needs, one of which being brake inspections. Let’s explore how a Ferret inspection camera can help you get the job done.

How the Ferret Helps You Inspect Your Car’s Brake Pads

Usually, to check the life of your brake pads, you’ll either need specialized measuring tools or to remove the wheels entirely. Removing the wheels requires jacking up the car, supporting it on jack stands, and removing the lug nuts to remove the wheel and gain access to the brake calliper. While not particularly difficult, it is time-consuming to do four times.

Thankfully, since the Ferret is compact, it can quickly be sent in through the wheel spokes or snaked into the wheel from the back side to view pad life, allowing you a stress-free inspection while not having to use a jack and other equipment. As a general guide, a pad material thickness of 3mm or below is due for replacement. Not only will the Ferret inspection camera allow you to view your brake pads clearly, but you can also inspect other parts of your vehicle while you’re at it, like the rotor, caliper, and brake lines.

How the Ferret Inspection Camera Helps You Inspect Your Car’s Brake Rotors

There are parts of your brake rotors that can be easily inspected from the outside, like if there is discoloration or grooves on the exterior face of the rotor, but there are other parts that are a bit more difficult to check without a great deal more effort. When it comes to inspecting the inside face of the rotor, you could find yourself in for a lengthy job if you don’t have the right tools. Luckily, the Ferret inspection camera makes the job much easier.

Disc brake rotors don’t always wear evenly, so there may be instances where the outside face of the rotor looks perfectly fine while the inside face is worn or damaged. Inspecting the inside face of the rotor would normally require jacking up the vehicle and/or removing the wheel, but a Ferret inspection camera can eliminate those steps and make for much quicker inspections. Simply extend the Ferret inspection camera beneath the vehicle and situate it near the gap between the dust shield and brake caliper to view the rotor. You can roll the vehicle forward or backward to get a full view of the rotor as well.

Ferret Inspection Camera: Versatile Tool for Any Inspection

While the Ferret is a fantastic tool for inspecting brake pads, its incredible versatility means it can help with other tasks like crawl space inspections, chimney inspections, roof inspections, and more. With 11 global industry awards, the Ferret Tools lineup of inspection cameras is composed of competent tools for your inspection needs. So, don’t waste any more time; add the Ferret inspection camera to your arsenal today to enjoy high-quality inspections that keep you safer and well-prepared, all while allowing you to get the job done in half the time!


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