Ferret Tools How To: Inspect Cramped Areas

The Tips & Tools You Need to Inspect Cramped Areas
Let’s face it; there are some spaces you’d rather not have to squeeze yourself into but still need to be able to look in from time to time. Whether you suspect a skunk in your crawlspace or hear a strange noise coming from behind your washing machine, inspecting areas of interest shouldn’t be limited by what you can reach. If anything, it’s those areas you can’t normally reach that need the most attention. So, how do you get to them? Easy; a Ferret Tools inspection camera is perfect for seeing in cramped spaces and tight areas.

Inspecting Crawl Spaces & Tight Corners with a Ferret Tool
A crawl space is an area that tends to receive substantially less attention than it should due to difficult access and reduced visibility. However, a crawl space can become the perfect breeding ground for mold and pests if the proper precautions aren’t taken, so that’s why you’ll want a Ferret inspection camera at the ready. Our highly adaptable inspection cameras will save you precious time while keeping you safer throughout a thorough inspection. Don’t get stuck crawling on your hands and knees to view a tight corner of your crawl space—attach your Ferret camera to a Ferret Stick (a rigid extendable rod made of premium materials) and effortlessly guide it towards the areas you need to view. You’ll see whatever your Ferret sees, thanks to its real-time streaming straight to your smartphone via the free Ferret Tools app. Our app also allows you to record videos and pictures in a clear 720p HD resolution.

A Ferret is an Excellent Tool for Around Your Home
Whether you’re capable of some home repair yourself or you’d like to see if you can figure out any issues before calling out a professional, a Ferret inspection camera extends your capabilities. Maybe you hear something rattling around in one of your home’s vents; don’t go reaching into the unknown—send in the Ferret. Perhaps you’ve seen a few too many wasps around your home and suspect they’re moving in on your eves; don’t risk falling off a ladder—send in the Ferret. Or maybe you want to verify if your chimney’s damper is open before starting up your fireplace; don’t risk getting soot in your eyes—send in the Ferret. You get the idea. If you do find something that requires some professional attention, you can even use your Ferret inspection camera to take some pictures of the issue so you can better illustrate the situation to the service technician.

A Ferret is Perfect for a DIYer
Being a DIYer means you’re no stranger to undertaking home repairs and are always on the hunt for cost-effective, efficient methods; that’s where a Ferret inspection camera comes in. From demanding tasks in cramped areas such as inspecting crawl spaces, wire installation, and appliance inspections to more minor tasks around the house, a Ferret Tools inspection camera can expand your DIY capabilities. Perhaps your furnace is on the fritz, but you can’t quite see what’s causing it; don’t risk cutting yourself on that sharp sheet metal—send in the Ferret. Can’t find where that 10mm socket rolled away to? Use a Ferret inspection camera with the magnet attachment to scout out under cabinets and tool chests to retrieve your tool. Maybe you’ve noticed a water spot on the ceiling but don’t want to tear down all the drywall to find where the leak is coming from; use the compact stature of a Ferret inspection camera and cut a small hole in drywall to quickly find the source with far less patch work in the long run. The Ferret Tool can even help you avoid climbing up a ladder to check things like your gutters, shingles, and tiling. All this will net you valuable time, allowing you to get more done in your busy day. A Ferret inspection camera is adaptable in its delivery and is a vital tool for any avid DIYer who wants things done quickly and safely.

Inspect the Cramped Corners of Your Car
A Ferret camera can check out your vehicle’s tight nooks and crannies without you getting under the car or placing your fingers in nearly impossible-to-reach corners. Do you think you saw a squirrel run up into your wheel well? Send in the Ferret to verify it’s safe to start your car. Did you or your kids lose something under the seats? Equip your Ferret camera with the included hook or magnet attachment and quickly spot the lost item instead of fishing around for it blindly. Do you hear a harsh rattling while the car is running? Use your Ferret inspection camera to scout it out and find the source in no time.

Your Best Friend on The Job—The Ferret Inspection Camera
Winning the EC&M® Product of the Year for 2019 and 2021, it is no wonder a Ferret Tool is changing the game regarding professional and DIY inspections, wiring placement, and general home repair. A Ferret Tool helps save you valuable time and money but, more importantly, keeps you safe and sound by keeping you out of those confined, hard-to-reach spaces. So, if you need an innovative, convenient inspection camera, add a Ferret inspection camera to your arsenal today!


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