How To Check Inside Walls Using An Inspection Camera

Whether looking inside your walls is a daily occurrence for your on-the-job duties, or you are a homeowner who doesn’t back down from a serious DIY project, an inspection camera makes it easy to get a good look inside walls with minimal effort. Save time on repairs and save even more time knowing the full scope of a project before you begin when you have the assurance that can be provided by a Ferret multipurpose wireless inspection camera that links to your smart phone.

Let’s uncover more of what the Ferret inspection camera can do for you.

When to check Inside Your Walls

There are several occasions where you may benefit from being able to inspect inside your walls. Let’s explore just a few:

1. Looking inside walls for renovations

If you’re looking to upgrade some items in your home or add in additional appliances, being able to see what’s behind your walls before you get into them can help you plan ahead more effectively. Checking for existing components and planning routes for new components is easy when you have a clear look from a Ferret inspection camera.

2. Looking inside walls for repairs

Inspecting inside your walls is a great way to help determine if parts of your home are in need of repair. Water damage, cracks, and other damage can be lurking behind your walls, so know their condition with confidence by taking a look inside. Similarly, a Ferret inspection camera can help you discover pests who may have made homes out of your walls. No matter if you’re subject to termites, rodents, or other pests, a high-quality inspection camera can help you locate and remove these troublesome invaders.

3. Looking inside walls to place new wires

A Ferret inspection camera is right at home helping you get a good look inside your walls when you’re looking to run new wires. Whether you need to run Romex cables for a new outlet or ethernet cables to better equip your home, using an inspection camera to guide the way and help complete the job is an effective way to get the job done.

4. Looking inside walls to diagnose a persistent smell

Getting a look inside trouble areas is made easy with a Ferret inspection camera. From moisture-prone spaces that can harbor mold and mildew to areas that may have trapped expired pests, take a look inside with a Ferret inspection camera which will help to give you peace of mind.

5. Looking inside walls of historic homes

If your home was built in the time of lath and plaster, odds are your home has seen its fair share of years. Getting inside a plaster wall is difficult enough, and repairing it afterward is even more difficult, being much more involved than the typical modern wall finishing of gypsum board. Yet, inspecting these walls can be incredibly important, especially due to their age. Inspecting inside the walls of historic homes allows you to assess the condition of the internal structure to determine whether or not repairs are necessary.

Checking Inside Walls with a Ferret Tools Wireless Inspection Camera

Whether you’re inspecting for water damage, pest infestation, mold buildup, or maybe suspect insulation deterioration or wiring and electrical issues, checking inside walls can often be tedious. You may be planning renovations requiring inspecting behind walls to determine layouts of electrical and plumbing systems. If that’s the case, utilizing an intuitive inspection camera can go a long way in reducing tedium, promoting a safer work environment, and significantly cutting back the time it takes to complete the project.

What you need is an innovative and lightweight inspection camera, the Ferret inspection camera. The Ferret inspection camera is a small, easy-to-use camera with a built-in WiFi hotspot, wireless range of up to 50’ (even greater if in direct line of sight), and digital zoom for enhanced, up-close viewing. It includes a free and easy to use App which allows you to have control over the camera, with 720p HD streaming, providing crisp clear real time images and video directly to your smart device. From cable pulling and fishing wire, to assessing damages or planning renovations, the lineup of Ferret inspection cameras was crafted to see, reach, and maneuver into spaces where you can’t. The Ferret gives you eyes in the dark helping to make the invisible visible and inspecting possible.

Working With Live Wires Behind Finished or Unfinished Walls

Staying safe is a top priority if you’re pulling cables and working with or around potentially live wiring behind finished or unfinished walls. That’s why it’s always best practice to have a live wire detector at your disposal. Thankfully, the innovations don’t stop with a Ferret. The Ferret Plus model features the first-ever built-in non-contact voltage detector in an inspection camera. This incredible feature keeps you out of harm’s way by detecting and alerting you of live wires well before you get near them. This is a vital ability that aids versatility and enhances safety making it a feature any professional or diehard DIYer should invest in.

The Ferret Tools Wireless Inspection Camera – A Safe, Cost-Effective Solution for Professionals & Serious DIYers

So, as you can see, the Ferret inspection camera is a safe, cost-effective, and innovative solution for inspecting behind walls, fishing cables and detecting live wires. Plus, the versatility of the Ferret is unmatched as it can help you with a myriad of other tasks like roof, crawlspace, and vehicle inspections, as well as chimney, sewer, and vent inspections. It’s then no surprise the Ferret tools lineup has earned 11 global industry awards for design, innovation and contribution to the trade industry. See what the buzz is about and try one for yourself.

That’s enough reading; time to tackle those projects you’ve been putting off. Add the Ferret inspection camera to your arsenal for safer, more efficient, and easier inspections today!


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