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How a Ferret Inspection Camera Can Speed Up Your Repairs
When you think of cameras for automotive repair, borescopes are likely the first thing to come to mind. However, even the best mechanic borescope can’t do what a Ferret inspection camera does. While borescopes are great for looking inside cylinders through spark plug holes, that’s about the only situation in which they’re optimal. Virtually any other repair is better assisted with a Ferret inspection camera.

Why Mechanics Choose a Ferret Inspection Camera
There are many inspection cameras out there to choose from, but none are quite like the innovative inspection cameras from Ferret Tools. The demands of your work as a mechanic are as diverse as the array of tools you use to get the job done, and a Ferret inspection camera is what you need to complete your tool chest.

Given the compact nature of cars today, you’ve undoubtedly come across a job with poor visibility and restricted access, leading you to try to complete the repair purely by feel. Seeing in these cramped spaces can help you get the job done easier and, more importantly, faster. Whether you work flat rate or hourly, a Ferret inspection camera is a must-have for your bottom line. Let’s explore the features that make a Ferret inspection camera perfect for mechanics.

Compact Size of a Ferret Inspection Camera
It’s important for your inspection to be compact so it can fit into all the cramped spaces in and around the vehicles you work on. And, when not in use, the camera should conserve the precious real estate in your tool chest. Each of the inspection cameras in our lineup is compact while still packing in plenty of features. The Ferret Lite is  3 ¾” long x 1” wide while the Ferret Pro and Ferret Plus are 3 ⅕” long and 1 ¼” wide, each weighing in at just 33 grams. What this means for you is that a Ferret inspection camera is perfect for navigating through cramped engine compartments and tight interior spaces. Whether you’re performing a routine vehicle inspection or trying to find the source of a coolant leak, a Ferret inspection camera is the perfect tool for the job.

Variable Focus Lens in the Ferret Pro & Ferret Plus
The Ferret Pro and Ferret Plus offer a variable focus lens, easily controlled within the Ferret Tools app. With this lens, your Ferret camera can focus on items as close as 2.5 inches away or any distance further. Moreover, the digital zoom function allows you to make even the tiny details easily visible for a clear idea of exactly what you’re working with. The variable focus lens makes it easy to spot broken mechanical parts, whether they’re right up close or clear across the engine bay.

50 Feet of Wireless Range in a Ferret Inspection Camera
You can only be in one place at a time, and you often might not have the luxury of having a coworker willing to stop their tasks to help you on the job. A common issue with a mechanic’s USB borescope is that it can only reach so far. It’s at a fixed length and is physically connected to your device. A Ferret inspection camera eliminates that problem.

With the Ferret camera’s 50’ wireless range, you can be in two places simultaneously. If you need to view something from the top end while working on the bottom end, set up the Ferret inspection camera in the vehicle and get it up on the lift; you’ll be able to see what the Ferret sees from your smartphone.

Save Photos & Videos to Your Smart Device
You’ve had your share of clients resistant to taking your word for what their car needs, and it’d be a safety concern to bring them into the shop to show them proof. With a Ferret inspection camera, you can save photos and videos to your smartphone so you can show undeniable proof of your claims. Being able to take these pictures can even save you the time of removing a part from a vehicle before the repair is approved. Not only that, but keeping records of your repairs is essential when dealing with insurance companies. So, since the proof is in the pictures, send in the Ferret to document your work.

Extreme Adaptability of a Ferret Inspection Camera
A Ferret Camera is designed with cramped, hard-to-reach places in mind. The included attachments like the flexible gooseneck, hook, magnet, thread adapters, and right-angle adaptor open the possibilities for a highly configurable inspection camera that’s perfect for getting into those tight spaces you otherwise wouldn’t be able to see. Whether you’re searching for an oil leak or looking for your 10mm socket, a Ferret inspection camera is your best bet to expedite the process.

Super Fast Charging
It’s easy to keep your Ferret inspection camera charged up between jobs. Not only will your Ferret inspection camera power through up to 90 minutes of up-time, but the Ferret Pro & Ferret Plus can be recharged to 95% in just an hour. The Ferret cameras use a type-C charger, meaning you likely already have a device that uses the same charging interface. As such, you’ll never be held up by your Ferret camera, even if you’ve got waiters in the waiting room.

Which Ferret Camera Is Best For Mechanics?
We’ve covered the reasons why a Ferret inspection camera is the perfect choice for mechanics, but which Ferret camera best suits your work? If you’re the occasional DIYer who dabbles in some auto repair every now and then, the Ferret Lite is plenty capable from an easily approachable price point. If you’re working on vehicles day in and day out, the Ferret Pro is the perfect camera to help you speed up your repairs. Browse our line of inspection cameras to select the one best for your needs so you can send in the Ferret on your next auto repair job.


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