The Ferret Inspection Camera: A Telescopic Pole Camera That Does More

How a Telescopic Camera Helps You Inspect with Ease.
After your first use of a telescopic inspection camera, you’ll see how much easier and safer it can make your day-to-day tasks. With your vision and reach extended to the ever-adjustable length of your telescopic camera, you’ll be able to analyze situations and better formulate your approach, all thanks to a clear picture of exactly what you’re dealing with. Gone are the days of questioning and guessing, hoping you’ve got the right idea; know for sure when you use a Ferret inspection camera to scope out the job. You might ask, “What makes a Ferret inspection camera so special?” There’s plenty to discover, so let’s get started.

How the Ferret Is More Than a Camera on a Stick
A Ferret inspection camera is a highly versatile, convenient, and safe solution to all your on-the-job inspections, at-home assessments, and DIYer needs. A Ferret camera can be attached to any rigid stick, glow rod, or even our own Ferret Stick, which acts as a camera extension for when you need it most, but it’s much more than that. The Ferret Tool lets you see and reach where you can’t, thanks to its high-resolution 720p HD live wireless streaming capabilities, increased maneuverability, and impressive battery life. Moreover, a Ferret is IP67 rated, provides a digital zoom, an always-up viewing function, and adjustable bright white LEDs making this tool a vital addition to your kit. A Ferret inspection camera has been uniquely designed for the express purpose of providing a highly functional and easy to use multipurpose product to help solve on the job visibility and accessibility issues. Something you’ll agree is achieved once you try one for yourself.

A Pole Camera That Reaches Farther Than the Competition
Earning EC&M’s Product of the Year for 2019 & 2021, and Showstopper at NECA last year, it’s clear the Ferret inspection camera is an innovator through and through. With an innovative and intuitive product, copycats are sure to crop up from time to time, and the Ferret has inspired quite a few. And while we appreciate their imitation of our product as flattery, their attempts to construct a powerful inspection camera pale in comparison to the original Ferret Tool. The lineup of inspection cameras from Ferret Tools are derived from intensive research and development that allows us to pioneer an exceptional inspection camera with superior components, accessories, and innovative safety features. Take, for example, the Ferret Plus’s brilliant first-of-its-kind built-in non-contact voltage detector, which can detect live wires well before you handle them. That’s in addition to all the other features that make the Ferret Plus great, so how do we fit it all into such a compact and sleep package? Simply put, through inventing the next and best in everything we do.

A Telescoping Camera That Does More Than Traditional Tools
If you’re a cabler, you’re aware of traditional solutions such as fish tape and glow rods; however, those don’t allow you to see what’s happening on the other end. A Ferret inspection camera clears any confusion brought on by those tedious tools, providing a safer and more efficient way of fishing wires through finished walls. In addition to a Ferret camera being compact, capable, and highly portable, you’ll enjoy swift and easy wiring thanks to the seamless live stream integration, displaying the area viewed straight to your smartphone without additional tools. Thanks to the telescoping ability of the Ferret Stick or the ability to combine multiple glow rods, the reach of your Ferret inspection camera is highly adjustable. The wireless range of our inspection cameras reaches up to 50’ (15m), and with the onboard memory of the Ferret Plus that can record out of WiFi range, virtually nothing is out of reach or out of sight when you’re equipped with a Ferret inspection camera.

A Ferret Tool—The Best Pole Inspection Camera for All Your Needs
If your job involves cable pulling, installations, inspecting crawl spaces or chimneys, or perhaps you engage in at-home duties such as gutter inspections, car inspections, and checking on vents, basements, or attics, a Ferret inspection camera is a tool you’ll want at your side. With each Ferret camera including many accessories like a hook and magnet, a flexible gooseneck, thread adaptors, and spare O-rings, you’ll own a cost-effective, convenient, and safe solution to all your work needs. They are incredibly versatile, allowing them to expedite and improve your work no matter what you need them for. Take a look at the array of Ferret inspection cameras, find which has the best assortment of features for you, and add one of these versatile instruments to your toolkit today!


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