What a Ferret Camera Can Do that Fish Tape Can’t

If you’re an electrician, cabler, or even a DIYer that takes on the occasional job running wires behind walls, you know what it’s like to fish for wires. In skilled hands, fish tape can be a great tool to have at your disposal, but it won’t complete your arsenal. Luckily, there’s a solution available for you: the lineup of Ferret inspection cameras. Most simply, a Ferret camera allows you to see and reach in places with restricted access so you can confidently pull exactly the wires you intend to pull. A Ferret camera can increase job safety as well, thanks to Fish tape is great for wiring applications where conduit is used. What about all of those applications that don’t use conduit? Not so much. That’s where the Ferret camera comes in. From wire-pulling to general inspections, the Ferret inspection camera is what you need to complete your toolkit.

Work Behind Finished Walls with a Ferret Inspection Camera

Fish tape is excellent for applications using rigid conduits, but it can get a bit trickier to use in applications where there is no conduit to guide it. The issue is only exacerbated in the case of lateral wire work. Since the Ferret camera attaches to a rigid stick (being your wire push/pull rods or a Ferret Stick), it maintains its maneuverability without depending on whether the home was built with conduits or not. Many homes in the US use non-metal sheathing wire such as Romex, and much electrical work done on finished homes uses non-metal sheathing wire to minimize the invasiveness of the job. For electrical work without attic or basement access, using fish tape will typically necessitate a large cutout to be made in the drywall to allow for access and visibility. The Ferret tool minimizes the space you need for access and allows you to see what you’re doing inside the wall clearly; no more guesswork. The Ferret camera then saves you time both running the wire and patching the wall afterward.

Seeing Is Believing—The Ferret Sees Where You Can’t

The single most significant drawback of fish tape is that it’s not a particularly precise instrument. Once you’ve put it behind a wall, you’ll be operating blindly until you see the snake end come out the other side. With the live camera feed from a Ferret camera, you can see exactly where you’re directing the tool, allowing you to save precious time. Now, if you’ve worked with inspection camera products in the past that weren’t the Ferret inspection camera, you may have noticed it can be dizzying to watch the feed as the camera end rotates. That’s not the case with the Ferret. Keeping oriented is easy with the always-up feature, ensuring the video feed keeps level as you navigate the Ferret camera through tight spaces. Best of all, the line of Ferret inspection cameras is designed to maximize the utility of the included attachments. The camera is positioned in such a way that the attachments are easily visible in the live feed, making quick work of hooking wires or grabbing magnetic items in tricky spots.

Safety Supersedes All—How the Ferret Improves Safety

Your tools should not only help you get the job done quickly but safely as well. Being able to see and select exactly the wire you’re looking for is a great step in the right direction, but Ferret has more in store for you. The Ferret Plus comes with a built-in non-contact voltage detector that can warn you if a wire is live before you handle it (with the Ferret camera or otherwise). Many fish tapes are made from an electrically conductive material, meaning they can present a real danger when working near live wires (whether or not you know they’re there). Especially in the case of working in finished walls, it can be hard to know exactly what’s on the other side. The benefit of a Ferret camera is then twofold; you demystify the darkness and can detect if wires present an electrical danger.

Ferret Inspection Camera: The Inspection Camera for Electricians

If you find yourself working with electrical wiring, a Ferret inspection camera will help leaps and bounds making your next electrical job as easy and painless as possible. Browse our selection of inspection cameras today and see which has the features that can help you succeed. Be sure to take a look at our accessories, too, for superior functionality with your Ferret inspection camera. Don’t hesitate; send in the Ferret!


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