Ferret Tools Honored by Electrical Industry Awards -Trade Tool of the Year UK

Ferret Tools, a multi award-winning technology company who design inspection cameras and cable pulling tools for electrical contractors, have been honoured by the Electrical Industry Awards in the UK for their Ferret Plus model which was awarded Trade Tool of the Year in its category (Test and Measurement).

The Electrical Industry Awards recognize those working in the industry who have demonstrated exceptional innovation and adaptation. The winners highlight new trends and technologies that help make a real difference on the job for the electrical contracting industry.

In its 30th year, the awards are a celebration of the best electrical industry professionals have to offer, rewarding a whole host of proactive approaches to individual achievement, technical innovation, and supply-chain collaboration. The candidates and winners of this year's Electrical Industry Awards were revealed at a virtual event at 4 pm Thursday, October 27), hosted by meteorologist and BBC weather presenter Sarah Keith-Lucas.

Speaking at the Awards, the Editor of Electrical Times Lisa Peake, said: “This is a special year for the Electrical Industry Awards as we are celebrating our 30th anniversary. “Since launching in 1992, the Awards have continued to recognize the businesses and individuals who form the backbone of the sector. “So much has changed in those 30 years, and those working in the industry have demonstrated an exceptional capacity for innovation and adaptation. New trends and technologies are continuously developing. Even with recent failures like the epidemic and the current cost-of-living issue, the electrical business has never been more fascinating.

“The team at Ferret Tools are honoured to receive this award and we wish to thank the judges from the Electrical Industry Awards who selected us. Awards like this mean so much to the team who work so hard to continue to innovate inspection cameras that make a real impact for all our customers. Thank you all so much. We are all delighted.” Said David Lopez, Head of International Sales, on behalf of Ferret Tools during a remote award presentation that took place.

The Ferret can help you see and reach where you can’t

A Ferret is a small compact multipurpose wireless inspection camera and cable pulling tool that allows the user to see and access dark, hard to reach spaces and find and pull in cables easier, faster, and safer. You can attach it to a glow rod or fish stick and the Ferret slides easily into tight spaces, wall cavities, ceilings, under floors or anywhere where access is hard to reach, and visibility can be difficult for the electrical contractor and for other trades.

Winning Innovation – Ferret Plus

The Ferret Plus features include built-in (on board) memory and the first ever non-contact voltage detector that is not handheld to help detect live cables from a greater reach than ever before. It comes in a compact case with a variety of accessories to support user flexibility and functionality.

This is a perfect tool for someone who loves having the latest technology to make work easier, faster, and safer. The Ferret Plus is ideal for pulling cables in faster and for supporting visual inspections, cable installations, maintenance, and repair work. This multi award-winning Ferret Plus model provides the ultimate innovation in inspection camera and cable pulling technology.

The other products in the new range include - the Ferret Lite, the Ferret Pro

If the user wants a general-purpose inspection camera and likes to keep things simple, the Lite model is the ideal cost-effective solution. If they’re looking for a professional and durable inspection tool the Pro features an App controlled variable focus lens and super-fast charge and if the user loves having the latest technology with all the bells and whistles, the Ferret Plus is the ultimate inspection solution.

Designed and engineered to support electricians on the job, the Ferret range is a versatile and easy to use productivity solution. Wirelessly linked to a smart phone the Ferret encourages an efficient and safer work environment.

Feedback from our Distributor in the UK & Ireland – Philex Electronic Ltd

“At Philex we are delighted to have been given the opportunity to distribute the new range of Ferret Tools inspection cameras and accessories in the UK and Ireland. Both our sales team and our customers have been excited to discover the technical sophistication and build quality of these products. The features and accessories are really well thought out which makes the cameras incredibly versatile.

We are still discovering on a regular basis new and extremely useful applications for the Ferret models, in many sectors, especially building maintenance, plumbing and electrical. These are definitely tools, that once discovered, installers find indispensable and use on a daily basis. They are particularly impressed with the HD image quality, IP67 rating, reliability, and new features such as the Ferret ‘always up’ viewing mode and the option of App controlled variable focus on the Ferret Plus model.” Said Kevin Watts, Head of Sales.


An ideal must have tool for every electrician, cable installer or data/telecom technician to carry in their tool pouch. While their primary market is the electrical industry, due to its versatility and functionality the Ferret has universal appeal across a wide range of trades including Home Inspections, Plumbing, Building, HVAC, Chimney Sweeps, Marine, Pest Control, and more.

    About Electrical Industry Awards

    The award focus on the contribution of individuals, projects, organizations, and technologies that have excelled in the use, development, and installation of electrical products. They have refreshed and refined categories to present the perfect opportunity for the electrical trade to highlight its successes and achievements. The Electrical Industry Awards recognize those working in the industry that have demonstrated an exceptional capacity for innovation and adaptation and highlight new trends and technologies that help make a real difference on the job for the electrical contracting industry.

    About Ferret Tools

    Ferret Tools are an award-winning technology company headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, who design and manufacture new innovative solutions in smart inspection camera technology for the electrical and cabling industry as well as for other trades.

    The company is passionate and committed to creating reliable, useful, durable inspection cameras packed with the latest technology to support easier, faster, and safer visual inspections, cable installations, maintenance, and repair work. The Ferret is a versatile, easy to use solution that is linked wirelessly to a smart phone.

    Ferret launched the world's first combination compact wireless rechargeable inspection camera and cable pulling tool in 2018 with the original Ferret WiFi model. Its innovation and design were accoladed, winning a total of 6 electrical and cabling industry throughout the US and the UK and with the launch of the new range of products Ferret has won a total of 11 industry awards and continue to lead the way in this category.

    Ferret Exports to New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Europe, United States, Canada, and Japan.

    Our Vision - Creating the future with new thinking & innovation in smart inspection camera technology


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