Ferret Tools Wins Top Industry Award

Ferret Tools (rebranded in 2020 from the Cable Ferret Company) based in Auckland New Zealand, continue to create the future with new thinking and innovative solutions in smart inspection camera technology for the electrical and cabling industry as well as other trades.

Following the global success of their award-winning original Ferret WiFi model, which won 7 international industry awards for its innovation, the Ferret team designed a new range of wireless inspection cameras and cable pulling tools to incorporate the latest in technology and features, providing the ultimate in performance, innovation and functionality.

The Ferret allows the user to see inside and inspect in dark hard to reach spaces and to find and pull in cables easier, faster and safer and allowing you to get your eyes in spaces, wall cavities, ceilings, under floorboards, and anywhere where access and visibility is difficult.

The Importance of Creating the Future with Innovation

Ferret Tools announced today that their latest new range have been recognised as the best and most innovative in the industry by the 2021 Cabling Installation and Maintenance Innovators Award program where Ferret won the top honour – Platinum level honouree status for their 3 new models – Ferret Lite, Ferret Pro and Ferret Plus.

An award ceremony takes place today at the BICSI Fall Conference in Las Vegas where Patrick Bergin Ferret Tools VP of Sales – North America will receive the award on Ferret Tools behalf.  Patrick is at BICSI conducting demos of the new range alongside our authorized channel partners Jonard Tools

The Innovators Awards are judged by third-party judging panel included cabling and communications system specifiers, designers, integrators, and managers with vast professional experience and the products are evaluated on the following criteria – Innovators approach, value to the user, positive impact on the user, meeting a defined need, impact (the difference it made for the users on productivity) and are therefore recognized for making a ground-breaking contribution to the industry.

Designed and engineered to support easier and faster inspections, cable installations, maintenance and repair work, the Ferret Tools range of inspection cameras are versatile, and an easy to use on the job productivity solution that is linked to a smart phone and encourages an efficient and safer work environment.

Smart User-Friendly Functionality

This next generation range of products includes 3 new models – the Ferret Lite, the Ferret Pro and the Ferret Plus.

YOU CAN CHOOSE – If you want a general-purpose inspection camera and like to keep things simple the Ferret Lite model is the ideal cost-effective solution.  If you are looking for a professional and durable inspection tool the Ferret Pro features an App controlled variable focus lens and super-fast charge and if you are someone who loves having the latest technology with all the bells and whistles, the Ferret Plus offers the ultimate in inspection tool innovation with its built-in (on board) memory, and the world’s first non-contact voltage detector that is not limited by the reach of your arm.

“This is a great acknowledgement of the effort and innovation for our team during the most challenging of times. We really appreciate the support and acknowledgment this recognition gives us. The industry is constantly changing and adapting, and we look forward to continuing to evolve our inspection tool technology with functionality and performance that help to make those day-to-day visual inspections and cabling much easier and more efficient for our customers.” 

Therese McNaughten VP Head of Marketing and Brand Strategy Tweet


Ideal must have tool for every electrician, cable installer or data/telecom technician to carry in their tool pouch.

While our primary market is the electrical industry, due to its versatility and functionality the Ferret has universal appeal across a wide range of trades including Home Inspections, Plumbing, Building, HVAC, Chimney Inspections, Marine, Pest Control, and more.


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