We aspire to shape the future through innovative thinking and cutting-edge solutions in the field of smart inspection camera technology

Who are Ferret Tools?

A Kiwi-tech Innovator

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Ferret Tools is an award-winning tech company specializing in electronic design and manufacturing. We harness the innovative spirit of our unique surroundings to pioneer advancements in inspection camera technology, aiming to create a safer, more efficient work environment for both trade professionals and DIY

Our mission is to equip tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts with inventive tools that enhance their efficiency and safety, whether they are working on the job or at home.


Led by Founder and CEO Andrew Wigney, an electronic design innovator, and Co-Founder Therese McNaughten, responsible for marketing and global brand strategy, our company is driven by a creative and dedicated team. We're passionate about crafting innovative, high-tech inspection cameras for trade professionals, DIYers, and homeowners.

Our flagship product, the Ferret WiFi, revolutionized the inspection camera industry by combining wireless rechargeability with cable pulling capabilities. It earned accolades worldwide, winning six prestigious awards in the US and the UK.

Multi Award Winner

In response to customer needs, we went onto launch the Ferret Tools core range in 2021/22. This range builds on the success of the original model, incorporating the latest electronics and smartphone functionality for even greater utility and convenience.

Our new range of wireless inspection cameras - the Ferret Lite, Ferret Pro, and Ferret Plus offer top-tier performance, innovation, functionality, and the latest technology. In 2021, our new range received prestigious recognition, winning Platinum-level honor at the Cabling Innovators Awards.

Patrick McLaughlin, Chief Editor of Cabling Installation & Maintenance, noted, "For the second time, Ferret tools have earned Platinum awards for their ground-breaking innovation. Two years ago, the Ferret WiFi received the same honour, and this year, the Ferret Lite, Ferret Pro, and Ferret Plus have impressed our judges as highly innovative products."

Furthermore, the Lite, Pro and Plus garnered accolades in the EC&M Product of the Year 2021 Competition, securing the Speciality Tools Category and at the largest electrical contracting tradeshow NECA in the USA in October 2021, we proudly received a Showstopper Award, standing alongside the best in the industry with our entry - the Ferret Plus. The Ferret Plus went on to win Trade Tool of the Year at the Electrical Awards in the UK in 2022 making a total of 11 global awards.

In addition to these achievements, we've designed a specialized Ferret Sweeps model tailored for chimney inspections and Ferret Pest model to support pest inspections, enhancing our speciality range.

The Ferret Can See & Reach Where You Can't

The Ferret, equipped with cutting edge technology, easily attaches to a glow rod or fish stick. This versatile, user-friendly solution connects to your smart device, allowing you to see and reach in areas you can’t and promoting efficiency and safety in your work or home environment. It offers a range of attachments for added functionality.

Originally catering to the electrical industry, the Ferret has found widespread use in various trades, including Data/Telecom, Home Inspections, Plumbing, Building, HVAC, Chimney Inspections, Marine, Animal Control, Pest Control, Wastewater Management, and DIY/Homeowners.

We collaborate with Authorized Channel Partners in the USA & Canada, the UK, EU, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. You can ensure authenticity, by the Ferret's unique design, brand, shape, and functionality.

Ferret Tools: Enhancing Safety & Efficiency at Work and at Home